1. Complete this PAFCOE Application Form. <Right Click and “Save Link As…” to Download>

2. Mail the completed application pack to PAFCOE address. Ensure that you have read the Application Form and Admissions Policies carefully and signed these documents.

3. A completed application includes ALL of the following:

a. Completed PAFCOE Application Form signed and PAFCOE Admissions Policies signed.

b. Three (3) student PAFCOE Reference Forms sent directly to PAFCOE by the individuals that filled them out (Reference forms that arrive with a student application will not be accepted. These must come separately form those giving you a reference.)

c. Non-refundable processing fee of Php 200 (or 25$ for international students) in the form of checks or money order.

d. Current physical exam record (should include CBC, Urinalysis, X-ray and preferably Sputum Test as well. Please bring original or photocopy of the laboratory results upon registration.)

e. A recent photograph of yourself.

4. Applications will be reviewed for suitability.

5. Applicants will receive a letter explaining the outcome of their application.

6. PAFCOE introductory packs with guidance on what to do next, how to prepare and how to make payments will be sent to accepted to accepted students, plus invoice for fees.

7. Payments for the course need to be completed no later than August 6, 2015 one week prior to the session start date.

8. Course start date: August 6, 2015

9. Visa Regulations: If you are coming from outside the Philippines you should contact your local government to determine visa requirements for spending four months in the Philippines.

10. If you have any questions or need further information about PAFCOE, you can contact us directly by phone or e-mail. Please click here.

Dates:  August 6 to December 9, 2015
Location:   Manila Center Adventist Church
Barangay Lourdes, D.Tuazon Corner Quezon Avenue Quezon City

Tuition:Php 25,000
Books: Php 2,000
Travel: Php 2,500
Uniform: Male-Php 650, Female-Php 850

Admissions Policies:

" Students must be members in good and regular standing of their local church and have a foundational Bible knowledge necessary
for this course. Students must be 18 years or older to attend and must have a COMPETENT KNOWLEDGE OF ENGLISH since all classroom instruction, assignments, and materials will be in English. ”


Admission Process

PAFCOE staff will only consider and review completed applications. Applications will not be processed without the application fee. The process is as follows:

1. PAFCOE receives your completed application.
2. After staff review, you will be notified with either acceptance or denial by email or telephone, along with an official letter. If you are accepted, the letter will also include introductory information and an invoice for your total tuition fee.
3. Payment of your deposit, which is 50% of your total tuition, will be requested once accepted. This payment must be received within 21 days of being notified of acceptance, to confirm your place in the course. If the deposit is not received within 21 days, your reservation will be released and made available to others.
4. The final balance of your total tuition is due 7 days prior to the start of the program.

A completed application includes ALL of the following:

1. Completed PAFCOE Application Form.
2. Three (3) student reference forms sent directly to PAFCOE by the individuals that filled them out (Reference forms that arrive with a student application will not be accepted). One of the three references should be from your local pastor, church elder, or conference representative.
3. Non-refundable processing fee of 200Php (or $25.00 for international students) in the form of check or money order.
4. Current physical exam record (should include CBC, Urinalysis, X-ray and preferably Sputum Test as well. Please bring original or photocopy of the laboratory results upon registration.
5. A recent photograph of yourself.


References are to be filled out by individuals that are not related to you and have known you for at least a year. Ideally, due to the nature of the question on the reference form, it is best to find individuals that know you in a spiritual or academic setting, but this is not required. Reference suggestions include pastors, teachers, elders/deacons, chaplains, etc. Your references are to be mailed, faxed, or emailed directly to PAFCOE from the person filling out your reference, and must remain confidential from the prospective student. References are not to be sent together with the application.

Please Note

All applications will be processed in the order in which they are received. Students will be notified in a timely manner regarding their acceptance or non-acceptance to the program. Enrollment is limited so we encourage you to submit your application sooner rather than later. The deadline for receipt of all applications and necessary forms is 7 days prior to the first day of class. Some applications may be accepted later than this, but this will be the exception not the rule, and is subject to availability.

Physical Exams

A physical exam dated within six months of the first day of class is required to be on file for all students. This ensures that PAFCOE is aware of any medical or physical issues that a student may have. The form that you submit may be a letter or note from a doctor that states your current medical/health status after performing a physical examination (should include CBC, Urinalysis, X-ray and preferably Sputum Test as well. Please bring original or photocopy of the laboratory results upon registration.)


Students are to be at the PAFCOE campus on Registration day. Students flying in are to book their flights for the day prior to Registration day. Students planning on arriving earlier than this will need to make arrangements for their own accommodations. Our campus is located in the Philippines, and the address will be sent out with confirmation.

International attendees

PAFCOE is not an accredited school, but rather a training program in personal and public evangelism. Therefore, people coming to attend our Program are not ‘college students’ and, therefore, do not need a special visa for international students studying abroad. International attendees typically apply for a visitors or tourist visa, if coming from a country outside of the Philippines. Prospective attendees will need to contact their country’s immigration office for details. PAFCOE will provide international attendees with an official invitation letter, which includes dates, housing and address, description of program, etc. at the time of acceptance. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Students Costs:

Tuition fee

The cost for the 4-month PAFCOE course is 25,000PhP. This amount includes tuition and food. A minimum of 50% of your tuition fee is due upon notification of acceptance with the balance due 30 days prior to the start of the program.


Students are expected to provide for their own books. Books are available for purchase through PAFCOE. The total cost for all required books, is approximately 2,500 PhP. A booklist will be issued upon acceptance into the program.

Outreach Travel Costs

Students are required to participate in outreach activities four afternoons per week. Jeepney or tricycle costs must be covered by each individual student (approximately 2,500 PhP).


PAFCOE will provide three meals per day.

Costs Breakdown
The following is a breakdown of the actual costs for attending PAFCOE:


Tuition      Php 25,000
Books       Php   2,000
Travel       Php   2,500
Uniform: Male-Php 650, Female-Php 850

Excluding Accommodation

Refund policy


All cancellations must be made in writing and mailed, emailed, or faxed to PAFCOE not less than 30 days prior to the beginning of the program for a full refund. Partial refunds may be applicable within the first 30 days of the program; however, refunds will not be available after the first 15 days of the program.

Student Dismissal


PAFCOE reserves the right to dismiss any student, without a refund, who consistently fails to abide by the policies and guidelines described in this admission policies document.

Student Standards of Conduct:


Biblical Principles
All students are expected to live in harmony with Biblical principles, and to adhere to the standards and practices of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Personal Devotion Time
One of the keys to experiencing the full potential of the PAFCOE program is faithfulness in the area of personal devotions. This personal time spent between the soul and God enables and empowers the student for dynamic Christianity and effective ministry. Far from being a burdensome requirement, it is a blessed privilege!

Students are required to attend all scheduled classes and outreach projects unless other arrangements have been made and approved by the Administrator. Habitual tardiness and/or absence will not be tolerated and may lead to expulsion.

Sabbath observance
The Sabbath hours, from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday, are sacred and joyous times for spiritual renewal, public worship, and Christian fellowship. Secular activities (shopping, business, sports, and distracting amusements) are to be avoided during this time. Attendance at worship services is required unless arrangements are made to accommodate special circumstances.

A friendly and professional association is expected between attendees. Because of the intensity of the program, dating and courting is prohibited among the participants while at PAFCOE. All are required to maintain a high standard of moral purity, avoiding the appearance of inappropriate attentions to the opposite sex.

At PAFCOE, we strive to be the best at everything we do. We realize that God has called us to be a witness for Him. As part of that calling, we believe that dress and grooming should be modest, neat, and clean. Recognizing that our program demands a high standard of professionalism & excellence, the following dress policies are in effect for all students:

Please be advised that torn jeans, sleeveless or stomach revealing tops, skin-tight apparel, low-cut or unbuttoned shirts are not allowed at anytime on campus or for off campus activities. Any jewelry, including wedding bands/rings, shall not be worn. Tattoos should be covered and not visible if possible.

For class & chapel, a professional or professional-casual look is expected. Dress or kaki pants with collared or button-up shirt or barong are required for men. For ladies, skirts or dresses are expected during class, chapel, outreach, and the evangelistic meetings. No jeans, shorts, T-shirts, or mini-skirts are allowed at any time during class, chapel, outreach, church, or the evangelistic meetings.

For church, a professional look is expected. Shirt & tie or barong is suitable for men. Modest dresses or skirts/blouse for ladies are required. For Friday evening vespers as the Sabbath hours begin, church attire is appropriate as we worship together.

Literature Distribution
Distribution of all books, literature, or media (CDs, videos, etc.) must first be approved by the PAFCOE staff.

Prohibited items
Under no circumstances may any illicit drugs, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, caffeine, pornography, occult items, gang symbols, or any other ungodly items be tolerated on the PAFCOE campus, in the PAFCOE housing, or on the person of PAFCOE students. Discovery of any of these items may lead to immediate expulsion, without a refund, from the program.

Participants are asked to assist the staff and other attendees by manifesting a cooperative, harmonious attitude. All must complete assignments by the date requested, meet community outreach goals, and abide by written rules as outlined in this document. If you have concerns, questions, or special circumstances, please discuss them with our administration. Every effort is made to carefully resolve such issues. PAFCOE reserves the right to dismiss a participant, without a refund, who fails to abide by the policies and guidelines in this document.


PAFCOE is committed to providing the very best instruction and lecturers available. We are constantly seeking to find and schedule additional Spirit-filled, Bible-believing instructors. PAFCOE faculty is divided into two groups: on-site staff/lecturers and guest lecturers.

PAFCOE Accreditation and Transfer Credits
PAFCOE is not an accredited school, but rather a training center of evangelism. Therefore, we cannot guarantee college/university credit for the completion of the PAFCOE program. PAFCOE will issue a certificate of completion for all who satisfactorily complete the course of evangelistic training.


Right click  and “Save Link As..” to download this PAFCOE Admissions Policies to be printed and signed. This will confirm that you have read and understand the policies and that you are in agreement to abide by the policies throughout the time of your study in the PAFCOE Program.


Fee and Financial Information:

The cost for the four-month PAFCOE course is Php 25,000.


3 months food – 3 meals/day (7 days/week)
cost of teachers
electricity, water and janitorial in the venue


Click here for Housing options (choice of the student)
transport cost for OJT evangelism – Php 2,000.
books – Php 2,500.
cost of evangelism event in participant’s home church (1 month OJT)